Buying E-Cigarette Kits Online

E cigarettes changed the world when they were introduced. Smokes could now smoke in public with a simple device that was unobtrusive and invisible. Now the e cig market has expanded and there are over 200 different electronic smoking devices available online and in realtime stores. However, buying the right kit is difficult as there as not every kit suits every smoker. You might think that buying your kit from a realtime e-cig store is the best but it’s not. Online electronic cigarette UK stores like us provide the largest inventory and choice in electronic cigarettes. When you log on to our website, you will find several features that make buying your e cigs online much more sensible.

Reviews of e-cigs — We have an extensive in house team that checks every kit we buy and stock. That means you will find detailed reviews and articles about the kits and how they work with different vaporizers and brands like As a result, our website is the best for novices and for veteran smokers. For novices, we provide detailed reviews, personal testimonials and even feedback on how the kit works and its taste and flavors. For veteran smokers, this is useful as well as you can select from a large range of gourmet kits with wonderful new flavors and tastes.

Price ranges and freebies — We buy our products directly from the manufacturer and we buy in large quantities. This means you can easily find high quality kits from all over the world. As we buy in bulk, we get most of our goods at a discounted rate and we can afford to transfer our discount to our consumers as well. For returning customers, we also offer substantial discounts when you place refill orders with us. We also sell in bulk and you can purchase your kits for retail sale from us at discounted rates as well. You can also check with our free samples section where you can try small vaporizers, spare parts and kits that are shipped for trial purposes.

Quick and easy ordering of e cigarette and delivery process — Usually, most retail stores will not have everything in stock and they will take 2 -3 days to find the product you want. We do not have such delays. When you order from us, we will find and ship items in about 24 hours of placing the order and you know that you will get your item in a day. The ordering process is easy and we also have a system that will auto-generate replacement parts, refills and kits when you order one item. This is very useful as you know what we have on stock and how to order it. The goods are shipped to your home directly and you can pay for the products in many different payment methods.

Warranty — All of our kits are covered with a manufacturer’s warranty but along with that, we also offer a limited period website warranty. You can return your kits within 20 days and the company will offer a free refund or a replacement in case you require it.

As you can see, we have almost everything you could require as regarding electronic cigarettes. All you have to do is go online and browse through our website to find nearly everything you want.

What You Should Look For When Purchasing An E-Cigarette

When you look at the electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes that you can get, there are a number of different points that you should look at. These points will help you choose the e-cigarette that is right for you. If you are not using the right e-cigarette then you are not going to feel the full benefits of these devices.

1. The E-Cigarette Manufacturer

The first factor you must consider before purchasing an electronic cigarette is the manufacturer. There are certain manufacturers that are more reputable than others. Getting the device from a reputable manufacturer is very important. Cheap electronic cigarettes could contain harmful ingredients that negate the health benefits that you should be getting. You will also find that the devices are not as durable and could end up costing you more than you expect.

2. The E-Cigarette Design

The second point to consider is the design of the e-cigarette. There are two common designs that are used and they are the two-piece and the three-piece. The two-piece designs are better for people who are new to electronic cigarettes. This is due to the fact that you will just need to attach the battery to the cartridge. With the three-piece design you are going to have to keep track of the atomizer and whether or not you can still use it. You will also have to connect all three parts and ensure that they are working correctly.

3. The E-Cigarette Casing

The casing of the electronic cigarette should also be considered. There are a lot of manufacturers who make electronic cigarettes that look like regular cigarettes. If you want to go down this route you have to verify this. There are other e-cigarette makers who have different casing to make the device appear more modern.

When you look at the casing you have to consider what will be most comfortable for you. If you are comfortable with the traditional looking cigarette then you should get one of those. However, if you are looking for something a bit different then you should consider one of the other devices that do not have this type of casing.

You should also look at whether or not the casing is easy to hold. There are many people who find that the device is heavier on one side and this can make it difficult to hold. Heavy devices can put you off wanting to use them and you need to consider this.

4. The E-Cigarette Starter Kit

When you fist purchase an electronic cigarette you need to get a starter kit. You need to ensure that the starter kit has everything that you need. You should also ensure that you are getting value for your money. The starter kit needs to have the electronic cigarette, a charger, a battery and a number of cartridges. Some starter kits will have more in the way of accessories than others. When you look at the kits you need to determine what you actually need and what you don’t need. Never pay for something that you are not going to be using.